Professionnal Services

IMDS' involvement is diverse, from consulting to development and spearheading projects and training teams.This participation on several levels has given IMDS a wealth of experience over the years. Setting up solutions - integrating fixed-price and fixed-term projects.

Solutions are set up depending on the clients' needs :

The client has total control of the project and development of the solution by IMDS service providers ready to work on location at your company.
Trainingon document processing tools (software training, printing protocols, page layouts and graphical charts, etc.)
IMDS has total control of project integration according to the service providers' needs and the need for extra solutions
Fixed-pricefor turn key delivery of complete solutions
Total control over and assistance on solutions installed with our team of Technical Account Managers

IMDS areas of expertise include :

Sorting and matching/merging documents to reduce postal costs,
Visualising printing streams,
Rapid, low cost production of personalised documents,
Changing business documents into communication vectors,
Automating data entry tasks,
Automating the processing of incoming mail.